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Talent Management Planning and Implementation

Talent Management Planning and Implementation

The competition of the global marketplace has put a premium on hiring, developing, and retaining employees who are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced (Lockwood, 2006). In order to effectively meet such challenges, talent management planning is necessary to proactively promote forecasting needs, providing opportunities for development, and offering options for filling requirements. However, developing a talent management plan is only the first step, as proper support and implementation of the plan is crucial once it is in place (Lockwood, 2006).

For this Assignment, review the media for this week. Consider various aspects of talent management and personnel psychology introduced throughout this course and how those aspects can be incorporated into an integrated talent management plan for Greenway Inc. Then, consider how you might implement the plan at Greenway Inc.

Develop a talent management plan for Greenway Inc. and describe its implementation. Be sure to outline key plan elements and how performance plays a role in its execution.

In your plan, specifically address the following:

· Talent panels

· Success criteria

· Assessments

· Succession schemes

· Career discussions

· Employee development

Provide an APA reference list and use appropriate APA citations throughout your assignment.

Submit by Day 7 your 4- to 5-page integrated talent management plan.


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Job Applicants:

Testing Applicants:

Performance Appraisals:

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