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Pyschology Final Assignment Important! – Nursing Essays Center

· PSY100 Final Exam

PSY 100 Online Final Exam Paper for Professor Bob Gregory

Value: 25%

Length: A minimum of 5 and no more than 7 typed-double spaced pages (Title page and tally sheets do not count as part of the 5-7 pages)


The value of studying human behaviour and mental processes is in the ability to apply this knowledge to our everyday life situations. This assignment will give you an opportunity to do just that. It will allow you to apply much of the material learned in your Introductory Psychology Course to change your own behaviour or at least understand the process and difficulties in doing so.


This experiential learning activity will give you an opportunity to apply basic psychological principles to learn more about your own behaviour. The project will be conducted over a 2 week period (so start now). Follow the steps below to complete this exam paper.

Here are the steps:

Step 1

Select a behaviour that you would like to change – one that you’d like to increase or decrease or modify in some way (Examples: eating junk or high-fat foods, chewing gum, smoking, getting angry, study habits, exercising, spending money, worrying, etc).

Design a method of collecting the number of times you engage in this behaviour and record how often the behaviour occurs over a few days. (This could be a tally sheet or data table)

Step 2

Research behaviour change/Learning strategies for modifying behaviour from various sources

Apply the strategies over a 5 day period and record your behaviours again using a similar table or tally sheet from Step 1

Step 3

Analyze your progress (you may use graphs and charts), discuss your progress, and write your 5-7 page paper using the headings below

(Include your tracking sheet data in your written paper (The tracking sheets do not count as part of the 5 to 7 pages)

Please note: In order to do well on this exam, you will be required to do considerable research, beyond the lesson material and demonstrate your understanding of psychology and how it relates to changing human behaviour. Include Footnotes

For the research part of this exam/assignment, you must document all sources with footnotes that clearly indicate the location of the information you obtained. Include footnotes at the bottom of each page or as a summary page at the end of your paper.. Since you will be using this format, it is not necessary to include a separate bibliography at the end of your submission.

For example:

1) If you use a reference from a book, magazine or other printed material you must indicate the name of the book, the author, the publisher, year, and the page number of your reference.

Smith, David. Changing Behaviour and Goal Setting, Prentice & Hall. 2001: Pages: 46-47.

2) If you use network references, your web site reference must be a link directly to the page within the web site where you obtained your information.

Please note: Failure to provide footnotes which make it easy for your Professor to check your sources will cost you marks. Use the Following headings to write up your mid-term paper 1. Goal Setting and Monitoring (10%)

· In this section of your paper, describe the behaviour you wanted to change. Identify your precise goal (eg to increase or decrease the frequency and or duration of a behaviour)

· Identify what you perceive as the benefits of changing this behaviour.

· Briefly describe the way you kept track of your behaviours to establish your ‘base line’ and how you kept track of the behaviours during the time you implemented your behaviour change strategies

2. Motivation (20%)

· Referring to your lesson material, where would your goal fall on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and explain why you think this.

· Discuss what types of counter-motives made it difficult for you to accomplish your goals and where these counter-motives would fall on Maslow’s hierarchy.

· Explain whether you felt more intrinsically or extrinsically motivated to change your behaviour and why

3. Learning Strategies (25%)

Discuss the Behaviour Change/Learning Strategies you used to change your behaviour

How did you apply these strategies?

4. Emotional Barriers and Social Support (25%)

· Describe the emotions you felt when trying to change your behaviour and how these emotions either helped or hindered you in reaching your goals

· Describe some of the barriers that you encountered when implementing your behaviour change strategies and what you did to overcome these barriers

· Describe what social supports (family, friends, etc) you used to help you accomplish your goals and whether these were helpful

5. Conclusion (20%)

· Discuss how you feel about the outcome of your behaviour change attempt

· Explain what you could do differently in the future to be even more successful in changing your behaviour

· Discuss what you learned from this experiment

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