Discuss and differentiate between the causes of acute and chronic abdominal pain in a 20-year-old versus a 50-year-old male. Provide a rationale for including the appropriate differential diagnoses in each age group
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Please note that this is an advance practice nursing course, so I will like only a writer with nursing or medical background that will understand the question and will be able to answer it very well. Pls follow new APA guidelines 6th edition in writing the paper. Support your responses with scholarly academic references using APA style format. Assigned course readings and online library resources are preferred. Please use Scholarly resources to support important points. Please use peer reviewed references that have dates to be sure references are contemporary and relevant.
Text Book for the class is: Primary Care: A Collaborative Practice 4th edition by Terry Mahan; JoAnn Trybulski; Patricia Polgar Bailey; Joanne Sandberg-cook. In case if you will need it.

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