Population : The elderly

Communicator: Sidney

Topic: Injury prone (Nursing home, diseases, trauma, statistics

Title: Fall and Injury Prevent for the Elderly patients

Set age group: 60-75

Gender: Both male and female

Ethnicity: will briefly discuss how other ethnicities are correlates with this data

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Reduce injuries in nursing homes
  2. Educational programs for employers
  3. Know signs and symptoms for serious trauma minor or huge
  4. Documentation that prevention is key (objective)
  5. Set specific needs for elderly, identify program focus

Come up with time line for statistics

Source: chapter 10 fall and injury prevention


Program Ideas:

  1. Offer a class over prevention
  2. Send trained professional to admit training
  3. Inform patients on a way to prevent falling
  4. Certification of test after class
  5. Proper equipment (gate belts, lifts, rails, and walkers)
  6. Conduct survey than evaluate the results
  7. Signs indicating reminders of safety tips
  8. Cautious of prescribed medicines and,diets that they have
  9. Assess patient risk


*precede procedure method

Precede: help with measurable  objectives for projects

Proceed- monitor quality of methods to keep program going

Overview-  program cost X amount

Whats 1st?

  1. Send trained professional
  2. Educate the workers + certifications
  3. Assess patient needs
  4. Inform patients over information
  5. Assess what equipment is needed
  6. Safety tips are posted
  7. Look at increase + decrease of falls (stats)
  8. Survey the effectiveness of programs

Program assessment- someone

Planning- someone

Goals and objectives- someone

Development and implementation- someone


***Evaluating the results- Me : ( One page , One source And Two Slides of power point)

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