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At a hostile family reunion, Paige is quite stressed. Her heart is racing, her emotions are frazzled, and she has crossed her arms to signal she’s not to be disturbed. Paige’s responses to the reunion are known as


1. Boris is feeling really stressed and calls a friend for some advice. This is an example of a(n) __________ coping strategy.

a. emotional

b. physical

c. behavioral

d. cognitive


1. At a hostile family reunion, Paige is quite stressed. Her heart is racing, her emotions are frazzled, and she has crossed her arms to signal she’s not to be disturbed. Paige’s responses to the reunion are known as

a. burnout.

b. general adaptation.

c. stressors.

d. stress reactions.


1.  After filling out apersonality test, students were given individual personality profiles. Mostsaid that their profiles were fairly good descriptions of themselves, and theywere amazed to discover that they had all received the same profile. Thisillustrates one of the main criticisms of the __________ approach.

a. humanistic psychology

b. trait

c. cognitive behavioral

d. psychodynamic


1. Alonzo was playing baseball and made a mistake. His coach yelled at him. Alonzo was angry, but instead of yelling back, he punched his stuffed animals when he returned home. Alonzo displayed the defense mechanism of

a. reaction formation

b. displacement

c. compensation

d. rationalization


1. Darrin always feels angry. However, instead of recognizing his anger, Darrin believes that the people around him are angry. He is utilizing the defense mechanism of

a. rationalization.

b. displacement.

c. projection.

d. sublimation.


1. Dr. Aikman is a psychologist who studies the factors that help people adhere to more positive lifestyles such as exercising and having a healthy diet. Dr. Aikman is most likely a __________ psychologist.

a. community

b. health

c. clinical

d. personality


1. According to Rotter’s expectancy theory, a person’s decision to engage in a behavior is determined by what the person expects to happen following the behavior and by

a. what cognitive person variables apply to the situation.

b. the value the person places on the outcome.

c. the conditions of worth the individual has created.

d. the relatively stable traits the individual possesses.


1. A psychologist at a mental health center was confused about how to diagnose a client. Which nonprojective personality test might the psychologist administer to help develop a diagnosis?

a. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)

b. Rorschach Inkblot Test

c. Draw-a-Person Test (DAP)

d. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)


1. According to Freud, the ego, which evolves from the id and creates ways to get what one wants in a world full of rules, operates on the __________ principle.

a. reality

b. morality

c. pleasure

d. compromise


1. A person with a disease-resistant personality is one who

a. is very angry and resentful

b. handles stress effectively

c. is high on all big five characteristics

d. has an external locus of control


1. According to Selye’s general adaptation syndrome model, an inexperienced soldier suddenly thrust into a long, intense battle would most likely react in which of the following sequences?

Resistance, alarm reaction, exhaustion

Panic, illness, resistance

Alarm reaction, resistance, exhaustion

Resistance, exhaustion, alarm reaction


1. Based on research with adopted children and twins, which of the following is a justifiable statement about the contribution of heredity to personality?

a. Identical twins that have been raised together have similar personality traits because of genetic  factors.

b. People inherit predispositions for certain personality factors.

c. Birth order is one of the most important influences on personality.

d. There are “personality genes” that determine certain personality traits.


1. A student who handles the stress of a part-time job and a full-time course load in law school by scheduling time carefully is using a __________ stress-coping method.

a. behavioral

b. cognitive

c. psychological

d. physiological


1. Carl Rogers contends that a child’s self-concept develops as she receives __________ from parents and teachers, has a congruent experience, and feels good about what she is doing.


conditions of worth

positive regard

a growth orientation


1. Andre is very organized and efficient but also very anxious and tense. On which two of the five-factor personality model dimensions would Andre rate highly?

a. Conscientiousness; neuroticism

b. Agreeableness; emotionality-stability

c. Extraversion; openness to experience

d. Neuroticism; congruence


1. All of the following has been shown to be associated with suppressed immune system functioning except

a. depression

b. a lack of perceived control

c. the death of a spouse

d. an increase in natural killer cells


1. All of the following are behavioral stress responses except

a. catastrophizing.

b. alcohol abuse.

c. aggression.

d. strained facial expressions.


1. Batman and Spiderman are having lunch together. Spiderman confides that he can’t take the stress of crime fighting anymore. He’s become accident prone, sad, irritable, and indifferent to the growing injustice of the city. Based on what you know from the text, Spiderman seems to be suffering from

a. burnout.

b. dysthymic disorder.

c. social phobia.

d. posttraumatic stress disorder.


1. According to psychodynamic principles, a little boy who continuously and mistakenly calls his teacher “Mom” probably

a. has not successfully completed the oral and anal stages of development.

b. is making an age-appropriate developmental mistake.

c. has been influenced by the Thanatos instinct of sex and pleasure.

d. has some unconscious conflicts concerning his mother.


1. After Eduardo takes a personality assessment based on the five-factor personality model, the results indicate he is a gregarious and outgoing person who gains energy from being with other people. In other words, Eduardo has scored high on the dimension of

a. emotionality-stability.

b. extraversion.

c. agreeableness.

d. growth orientation.


1. After Natter narrowly avoids a car accident, he notices that his heart is beating rapidly and he feels a “rush” from the adrenaline in his bloodstream. Natter is most likely in the __________ stage of the general adaptation syndrome.

a. adaptation

b. alarm reaction

c. exhaustion

d. resistance


1. Dr. Collins studies the patterns of psychological and behavioral characteristics by which each person can be compared and contrasted with other people. Dr. Collins is bestclassified as a __________ psychologist.

a. clinical

b. behavioral

c. personality

d. social


1. According to Freud, if conflicts at any given psychosexual stage are unresolved, the

a. ego will fail to develop.

b. person will become a chain smoker or an alcoholic.

c. person will be unconsciously preoccupied with the area of pleasure.

d. person will make a rapid transition to the next stage in the sequence.


1. Carlos talks excessively throughout the day. He also eats too much and drinks a lot. If you were a Freudian psychologist, you would most likely say that Carlos has

a. an oral fixation.

b. an Oedipal complex.

c. too much libido.

d. a defective id.


1. After working a stressful job for years, Kyle has developed high blood pressure and an ulcer. In which stage of the general adaptation syndrome would Selye place Kyle?

a. Attack

b. Exhaustion

c. Resistance

d. Alarm reaction

The post At a hostile family reunion, Paige is quite stressed. Her heart is racing, her emotions are frazzled, and she has crossed her arms to signal she’s not to be disturbed. Paige’s responses to the reunion are known as appeared first on Nursing Essays Center.

The post At a hostile family reunion, Paige is quite stressed. Her heart is racing, her emotions are frazzled, and she has crossed her arms to signal she’s not to be disturbed. Paige’s responses to the reunion are known as appeared first on Nursing Essays Center.

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